Environmentally-friendly choices are more than a passing fad. There have been some incredibly innovative solutions developed towards green living.

Building green is building smart.  Smart for the home-owner and for the environment.

Solar Panels To Go

Many are worried about investing in solar panels because it can lead to large initial costs. It’s a concern if they sell the house down the road, the solar panels stay with the house.

This is not always the case now. Removable solar panels are available large enough to efficiently power the home. They are also portable enough to move if the family does.

A removable solar roof is now an option.

If the client doesn’t want large solar panels then there is the option of solar shingles. About 500 solar shingles create a 5.8 kilowatt PV system to power a home.

A solar porch is also gaining popularity for those who don’t want panels on the roof. The enclosed porch is made of bi facial PV panels that collect solar energy for the home.

Solar Bricks and Windows

Solar glass bricks called, Solar Squared, were created by the University of Exeter. They are almost translucent and still strong enough to make walls out of. They collect the power of the sun in their solar cells. They also allow in a great deal of light reducing the need for electricity even further.

Solar Windows are similar to solar glass bricks. They are more transparent and coated with an organic solar layer. This layer turns the entire surface into a large solar window. These windows could eventually replace panels as the popular choice. They may be up to 500% more effectivethan the traditional solar panels used.

Proper planning in the beginning stages can avoid regret later.

Let There Be Light

Solar lights are a popular choice when trying to live green. These LED lights are on a system that is battery charged by the sun. The sun charges the battery during the day. The battery (with backup battery) operates the lights at night.

These types of solar lights are available for inside and outside use. The entire house can be on this lighting system.

You’re in Hot Water

Hot water heaters can be solar-powered. This is a great consideration for a new build. It can be up to 30% more efficient than a traditional water tank. They have solar collectors and water storage tanks. They come in passive and active models. An active solar water heater has pumps while the passive ones do not.

Solar Attic and Whole House Fans

For the best efficiency, a combination of solar attic vents and whole house fans works well.

Solar attic fans and vents help keep the house cool while using the energy of the sun to power the attic fan. Hot air from the house is pushed out the vents. This is a much more energy efficient choice than an air conditioner or electric fan.

Whole house fans draw fresh air from outdoors while removing the stale indoor air. These can be powered by solar energy.

Passive Solar Solutions

There are passive solar energy options that can make a difference. Clerestory windows on the south side of the home will help maximize the sun’s power. Then use it for passive energy.

A thermal wall on the south side of the house will be needed to absorb and store the heat of the sun.

Windows, floors, walls, and roofs can all be built to harness passive solar energy. They can be made to collect, store and distribute heat and energy from the sun.


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